• Standard EFT payment, your courier cost will be included. You can then provide your details and the order will be processed.

  • Facebook Message or WhatsApp: 072 347 7756 your name and the number of bottles you want. 

  • You will then be sent an invoice for the number of bottles of Manketti Cooking oil you want. It cost R105.00 for a 250 ml bottle. Courier costs get add to it. 

  • You can pay with bank deposit, EFT or at PEP Stores. If you use PEP Stores - Send us via message or WhatsApp the 10-digit withdrawal number and the 4-digit pin. Always add the order number we gave you when you send us a message. Delivery 4 - 7 working days.

  • Your order will be sent, and your OTP code will be sent to you so that you can use it to collect your Manketti cooking oil, as soon as your order payment is confirmed. 

Manketti Cannabis Massage oil


Manketti Cannabis COLD EXTRACTED Massage oil 20ml Glass Bottle


    Our Manketti Cannabis Massage oil are made utilising patented cold extraction techniques and cutting-edge technology.

    The exotic super-oil is quickly gaining popularity. Helping to alleviate dry, scaly and flaky skin and it assists in wound healing by boosting cell regeneration.


    The Manketti oil contains Linoleic acid Omega 6), one of the essential fatty acids (EFAs), and the seldom found alpha eleostearic acid (SESA).

    While the Cannabis sativa is known to contain more than 500 compounds, among them at least 113 cannabinoids THC been one.

    Assisting in providing anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing support.

    Helps to combat acne, softens the skin, restores skin elasticity; it helps to keep the skin supple and youthful. Manketti Oil has a high content of phytosterols, which have been shown to stop the decline of collagen production and actually encouraged new collagen production.

    Helping with Localized Pain Management, mild Skin Irritations, alleviates Symptoms of Psoriasis and reduces Inflammation and Arthritis.

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